Looking After Families

Our Story...

Our name Property Serves You is really our story. We teach and show you how property ownership can work for you and how property can serve you to reach your own dreams.

We know that for many families trying to buy their first family home, pricing quite simply makes this an impossible dream. In late 2018 the average cost of an existing Auckland home is $920,234 and with a 20% deposit requirement that’s a daunting $184,000.

Steve and the experienced team at Property Serves You, with over 70 years of building experience  knew there had to be a better way.

They identified an opening where houses can be built in a cost effective and time efficient manner without compromising on the integrity of the build. They also recognised that the price of land was also a major factor in trying to build affordable homes.

The Solution?

New thinking is required.

They don’t call it a property ladder for nothing and home ownership is a step by step process. The challenge is to get started and we teach you how.

1. First up we buy land well.

2. We buy and build in areas outside Auckland where land is much more affordable and where there is strong rental demand. We build attractive 4 bedroom homes aimed at the rental market.

3. Components of our homes are made in a modern factory, that are then trucked to the site for further construction.

4. We partner with our subcontractors and in this way we can build a finished home in only 8-10 weeks. By building faster, better and warmer homes this results in significant savings that can be passed on to you as an investor.